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Useful and helping tips on the initial letter creation to Ukrainian brides

  • When writing an initial letter to the lady you like, always personalize it, this will help you to avoid the impression of you sending one and the same letter to everyone on this site, on the women’s side.  Always start a letter with the lady’s name; it is also recommended to come through the profiles of the Ukrainian brides and react on the data given there asking questions and commenting on the facts that have got most of your interest – women will for sure value and single out your letter from other stock letters.
  • Our site provides a great choice of Ukraine brides and selecting a particular woman to write to, you have certain reasons for this, so it would be great if you mention what namely made you contact her and what really makes her special among other women registered on this dating site. No matter what are you going to write about, please don’t comment on the parts of her body (for instance, legs, waist, breasts, etc.) this way you risk to get no reply from the lady or the reply you are expecting won’t be very polite. Women just cannot stand when men judge them only by their appearance. Keep off using excessively familiar words as ‘honey’, ‘darling’, ‘sexy’, etc. in your starting letter to the lady you are attracted to.
  • Your starting letter is of great importance as it provides general information about you and your intentions and expectations from the search on this site. Avoid writing a novel-long letters, going deep into the details of your background and achievements in life – the majority of women will fall asleep somewhere in the middle of it and only the most hopeless ones would read it to the end and be brave enough to reply you. The recommended length of your initial letter is just some sentences providing the main idea about who you are – this way you would provoke women’s interest to ask for details. 

Your photos are a great plus when dating a Ukrainian woman

  • Many men neglect posting their photos on the site or don’t trouble themselves with a good photo selection, placing the first picture their eye catches. In many cases this photos are not well turned or are of poor quality. If you won’t care about the photo you are posting on this site then don’t complain about women not contacting you. Women are not used to dating invisible men or men whom they can scarcely see on the picture. The appearance doesn’t play a key role, but there should be an attraction. Just think, would you write to a woman who has no photo on her profile, or the photo is blurry?
  • The photos with the naked trunk, nude pictures or photos with the element of striptease to show the beauty of your body, muscles, etc. are not welcomed at all. The photos of this sort will turn down women’s interest as they will think you are not serious or too much grasped with your look and personality. The photos of your reflection in the mirror taken by the cell phone also don’t work in your favor. Pictures showing you are a serious man with interesting life will make the deal.
  • Some men make a false step posting the pictures of other people, sometimes even the photos of celebrities. Ukraine brides are familiar with the Hollywood star faces and will never reply to a fake Johnny Depp. Even if a lady will think it is a real you, what will you do when the time to meet comes? How painful the frustration can be? Anyways, receiving the letters that are not initially addressed to you cannot be 100% satisfying. There will always be a shade of doubts tormenting you of where this false correspondence will lead you both. Besides, starting a relationship with a lie is not an advantageous variant. Upload your good quality every day pictures, taken with your family, friends and showing your work, interests, hobbies etc.

The destroying power of jealousy is known since ancient times. Never accuse women of corresponding with other men besides you, as it will destroy your relationship. It is a normal thing when on-line dating. The virtual life can seem a fairy tale, while only a real meeting shows your true compatibility.

Membership payment: What do I pay for? How it works?

According to the rules of our site you pay for the membership period during which you are able to communicate with the Ukrainian brides from the paid galleries. There is not need to pay for every letter, every contact or every e-mail address. Paying for Silver membership you get the right to communicate with Ukraine brides from Free and Silver galleries and exchange your contact information with them within the period you paid for. Applying for Gold membership you get the right to communicate with the women registered in all the galleries of our site.

Most of online dating sites and our website also takes the responsibility on checking the women registered here for the seriousness of their intentions in order to protect our users from scammers and frauds working on-line. A special censor works on our site that controls the letters and the letters with the particular words are sorted out. With the help of this program we have the ability to detect women asking for the material help and delete their profiles from our site. If you are asked for a financial help or receive some other odd requests, report this lady to us and we will take all appropriate measures.
Every woman on our dating site has the status that provides the information of her presence on the site and the time of her last visit. Our data base comprises over 100 000 Ukrainian brides’ profiles. More than 10 000 women visit our site every day. The more frequent the lady attends the site, the closer to the beginning of search her profile will be. Contacting the women, whose profiles are situated on the first 100 pages of the search result you grant fast replies to your letters.

Write her!

Don’t hesitate to contact her! If you like a woman, then don’t postpone writing to her. Tomorrow can be too late!!!

How can I meet a Ukrainian bride? Do you organize tours?

Having met a special lady on our site, after a certain period of corresponding and phone calls you understand you like her and you want to meet, then we can only support your decision to visit the lady. Sending the money to anyone you know just from Internet communication is highly not recommended since you are at a great risk of becoming a fraud’s victim. No matter how nice a woman is, never send her the money even on her trip to your place if you value your finances. You need to know that getting a visa to many of Western countries for a regular Ukrainian woman is very difficult, since the governments of the Western countries have a thorough choice of all the immigrants, as they are not aware of the real purposes of a person coming to their country. To collect all necessary documents and not get refused should be done professionally and not always gives you the guarantee of opening a visa. What is the way out then?

We recommend you to come and visit your Ukrainian lady in her own country. Thus, you omit the risk of being scammed. We do not organize any tours, but would be happy to provide you with the information needed about your future trip. We also help with getting visa to help you make your heart dreams come true.